Types of MMA Betting

mma betting

Betting on MMA fights can be a great way to win big money. However, it’s important to understand what you’re betting on and how it works before placing your bets. There are a few different types of MMA betting available, including the following:

Over/Under Rounds

This type of wager is made on whether a fighter will win by KO or TKO in a specific number of rounds. The oddsmakers will set an Over/Under total based on the style of fighting and how many rounds are expected to be completed in each fight.

A KO or TKO victory is the most common way to bet on a fighter winning a match. These bets are available on many MMA bouts, including those involving UFC champions and top-level Bellator and other international promotions.

The odds board for a MMA fight typically features both combatants’ moneyline odds along with a few other markets, such as method of victory and whether or not the fight will last the duration. Often, these markets will be combined into one single wager, which is called a parlay.

Round Bets

These bets are much more precise than the moneyline and over/under wagers, making them a great option for MMA fans who want to bet on a specific outcome in a particular round. They also offer a higher payout, so they are an excellent choice for fans who like to bet on the more volatile MMA battles.

Keeping Up With MMA

The best way to find out about upcoming MMA matches is by checking online. There are numerous websites that have statistics and form information for each fighter, as well as a large database of previous matches. This will help you decide if a particular fighter is worth your bets.

Watching MMA weigh-ins can be a good source of additional info, as fighters may be able to reveal their true weight class and how they’ve prepared for the fight. Often, late weight cuts can lead to problems for some fighters. They can overtrain, starve themselves, and dehydrate themselves to avoid tipping the scales, all of which can leave them drained before they step into the octagon.

Younger Fighters Versus Older ones

Despite the popularity of older fighters in the sport, younger ones are gaining a lot of momentum. In fact, in the last eight years, younger fighters have won 62% of all MMA matches.

If you’re interested in backing a younger fighter, be sure to check out their record and past performance. This will help you determine if they have the right attitude and skills to succeed in an MMA matchup.

Weight Classes and Early Weight Cuts

Like boxing, MMA has multiple weight classes and some fighters will move up and down in their divisions. These changes can be difficult for a fighter to adapt to and can cause them to become injured or mentally fatigued in the weeks before their big MMA matchup.

This can be a major factor in an MMA matchup, so it’s always important to keep up with the progress of a fighter’s weight cut before placing your bets on them. Having a clear understanding of their true weight class can make it easier to spot them and back them up, especially against smaller foes.